Our Mission

Here, at menucoverae.com, we specialize in the manufacture of high quality products for the most important restaurants and hotels around the world. This is something that makes us very proud, because it means that we are doing our job right. Hospitality is one of our core values, so we offer top quality menu covers and other items, and customer service to meet our clients’ demands. Our company started many years ago with one goal, to manufacture the best menu covers on the market. Menu covers are a very important aspect of a restaurant or hotel, as it’s the way the establishment talks with its customers. We knew that being the best menu cover company out there wasn’t going to be easy, as there was a lot of competition, but we like a good challenge and we spend all of our energy to overcome it. We learned a lot in the first years of business, as many companies do. We were able to identify what the customers wanted, when they were looking for high quality menu covers. Even though it is not easy to satisfy everybody, we managed to create a large number of different models and types of menu covers in order to have a great option for every kind of client. We wanted to be able to satisfied from the small restaurant to the five-star hotel. As a company, we are extremely detail orientated, we take pride in our products and that is why we give so much importance to quality. Nothing please us more than to receive an email from a customer thanking us for the items they bought. For us, quality is the key to progress and something that characterizes each of the processes that we perform for the manufacture of our products. Our menu covers also have competitive prices, to meet the needs of our customers. We knew that no matter how good our menu covers were, if they didn’t have a competitive price, we weren’t going to reach a large number of people. And that was against our vision. We wanted our products to be available for everyone, around the whole world. This is why we made it the company’s mission to find out a way to manufacture the best menu covers without being overpriced. And we succeeded. It wasn’t easy, we spend years mastering the manufacturing process to reach the desired level of precision. We designed an innovative line of production that allows us to maximize the potential of our factory. By doing this, we can produce as many products as we need for a single day to be as productive as it can be. And the great part is that we didn’t compromise the quality of our menu covers. Our products are still 100% handcrafted and the best quality you will find on the market. One of our most esteemed customers is Argentinean chef Mauro Colagreco, owner of the two-Michelin star restaurant Mirazur in Menton, France. This restaurant is one of the best restaurants in the world listed in The S. Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurants. When Mr. Colagreco approached us, looking for menu covers, we started working on something special close to his vision. We came out with one of our most elegant and distinguished designs, worthy of a restaurant of this magnitude. Mr. Colagreco was very please and is a faithful customer to this day. This is the perfect example of what we do, we take care of every customer as they were our only one. This is what we believe in. If a customer does find what they are looking for in our vast catalog of menu covers, we sit down with them and we design the menu cover right for their establishment. We want everybody to be pleased, because a pleased customer is a loyal customer. As a company we are always looking for new commercial markets. We have been part of many expos around the world, where we met hundreds of prestigious companies. Our last trip was to Dubai, where our menu covers caught the attention of many important restaurants and hotels. To know that our menu covers are up to the high standards of this five star establishments is great. It lets us know that we are on the right track, that what we have done since we started this journey is working. Even though we have come very far as a company, we know that we can still make significant progress in the production process and market expansion, and this is what motivate us. To know that we still have room for improvement feels challenging and good at the same time. We believe our menu covers are the best on the market, but we also believe they can be even better if we keep working as hard as we have been working for so many years.

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